Book Promotion On Twitter? Time To Think Again

Is it worth promoting books on Twitter?

Twitter is always changing, and book promotion on Twitter might need a rethink

There is change in the air at Twitter, and it is not going to be good news for author and book promotion on Twitter.

It won’t matter if you are Simon & Schuster or Joe, the self-published author, both will stand little chance of being seen when Twitter starts Facebook styled filtering of user’s feeds.

Filtered feeds will mean that only those who pay Twitter to be seen, or those who are in Twitter’s opinion, newsworthy, will fill user’s streams.

If you don’t fit into these two prime categories, well bad luck. Sure, some of your content may get seen, but that is a lot different to all of your content being available to people who follow you on Twitter.

So why are Twitter going to copy Facebook and filter (in fact censor) user’s feeds? Because Twitter is disappointing Wall St. investors by not attracting enough new users.

This this article in Forbes examines how and why Twitter is failing to attract new users.

Twitter for people too lazy to use Twitter? It’s coming.

If you have based your book, publisher or author promotion on Twitter, I would highly recommend thinking about a new strategy, as these changes are not going to be beneficial to you.

I have been using Twitter since 2009 and in all honesty, I can say that Twitter has been a useful traffic generator, but not a great communication platform. That’s what Facebook is good at.

These changes will kill traffic generation, but not improve communication. A double failure or failwhale in my opinion.

So it looks like it’s now back to the good old fashioned, yet tried and true method of gaining traffic and potential book buyers. Blogging, Google Search and SEO, or open and Instagram account.

Update: It now looks very much as if Twitter are playing with users feeds.

These two graphics show changes that have occurred this month. Notice the sudden downward change in the number of retweets and engagement since the first of the month, although link clicks are stable.

filtered twitter feeds

However in this graphic, Tweets linking to my account are up 97%! Yet my Tweet impressions are down 16.5%. What gives?

twitter managed feeds

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Derek Haines

Derek Haines is an Australian author, living in Switzerland.

3 thoughts on “Book Promotion On Twitter? Time To Think Again

  • Disappointing to hear since I just started to get active on Twitter. Facebook is also out now for the same reasons, which was why I switched to Twitter in the first place.

    Writing for my blog and guest posting will have to do.

    Thanks for the info!

  • Not much relevant as f now, twitter is good to get genuine updates n facebook to puke out loads… …..P

  • This really sucks. The cool thing about being online was finding those hidden gems, and new authors getting an honest fanbase. Now it will be the guy with the biggest wad of cash (like when James Patterson pops up in a TV commercial to advertise his new book. Really, dude?).

    I find myself going back to live like it’s the ’90s every day due to all the disappointing social media changes. Twitter was already becoming a political cess pool, now this. A good thing wasted.


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