Criterions Of The Perfect Essay

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The Perfect Essay
Everyone tends to write the unique and perfect paperwork but is it possible to create it?

The word “essay” is originated from French and translated as “experience, attempt, trial and sketch”. The etymology of the word itself means that it is not possible to write any composition perfectly.

But writing a qualitative and interesting work, which is going to be highly appreciated and graded by the teachers is possible. In this post written in collaboration with experts at Brainy Bro, you are going to become familiar with all criteria used for assessing the essay as a perfect one.

Writing an essay you reflect your individual experience, your views on a particular issue. You do not give a definite answer to a definite question but reflect your opinion or impression.


When you write an essay you have a wonderful opportunity to develop your logic, the ability to argue someone’s opinion and represent the information accurately. Apart from paying attention to the style of your paperwork, you need to follow the definite structure of it in order to make your essay well readable and consequential.

The first part of your work should be an Introduction.

Formally, this is not considered as a part of the text, since it introduces your reader into the issue which is under consideration. But it is what your work should begin with. Do not write a long Introduction; one or two paragraphs will be enough.

After Introduction the Main Part follows. This part requires the most attention, especially when you draw up a plan.


The Main Part can have a different structure:

– one thesis-argumentation, another thesis-argumentation, one more thesis-argumentation (you represent the issues and prove them);

– backward structure, when you describe the facts and make conclusions;

– thesis and several arguments/facts (you confirm one idea providing several illustrations).

In this case, a word “thesis” means a short finished thought which you are going to convey to your reader. The word “argument” means any proof of the thesis.

It can be represented as a life experience, news, a scientists’ opinions, scientific theory or a fact confirmed by science. You are free to give as many arguments as you wish, depending on the thought, the volume and plan of the text.

Since the Main Part includes the body of the text, it should be built logically. To reach logic you may go from simple to complex, or you can carry out the analyses, or use the deduction and induction methods.

Here are several tips for creating a logical text; fix your theses, chose several arguments for each thesis and arrange the theses in a logical sequence – one thought shall be a result of the previous one.

The final part of your paperwork is a Conclusion. To be short, this part summarizes everything you have said in your essay. Here you have to sum up all the results together.

It is important that the conclusions be adequate and be supported by facts. In conclusion, you need to represent the idea which your reader should come to after being familiarized himself with the main part of your work.



Perfect essay’s important criteria

Provided data

It is not important what question you are going to discuss; you need to achieve certain goals. You should give a definite answer to the question asked, define whether you present your thoughts accurately, and check for mistakes and easy readability.

Communication and/or writing skills

Essays discover your ability to express your own thoughts on paper and your writing skills. The HR specialist says: “Your writing should not characterize you as a future writer or philologist; you are a future leader, manager.” To create a perfect essay it is important to be able to present your ideas well. If you communicate with other people easily, you will express them on paper with no problems “.


The only way to make the reader see your personality behind your work is adding something personal and unique. Your essays will immediately become more interesting and attractive. The essay should represent as much personality as possible. It’s boring to read the work which contains only common phrases – it’s a waste of time.


Everything you write is to be confirmed by examples, or referenced to your own experience. The details will make you interesting, unique, and peculiar.

Any work looks more convincing and qualitative if it mentions certain facts and interesting arguments, gives examples from reliable literary sources, and contains references to significant publications or names. It may seem like a tiny nuance, but it leaves an indelible impression after reading.


The expert commission does not tolerate participants who like splurging. It would be better if you reflect the true state of things. At the same time, do not focus on your shortcomings, although we all are not perfect.

You have to be honest, but positive, tell about your qualities only positively! The so-called “weaknesses” should be presented as follows: “earlier it was my vice, but now it has turned into a positive quality.”


Your essay has to be read with pleasure. Make sure that it is easy to read your work. Do not be in a hurry and check whether your thoughts are consistent, whether they lead to a logical conclusion of the topic.”

Understanding of the topic and its correspondence to the content of the work is one more criterion of a successful work. If you do not understand the topic or interpret it completely wrong, you will fail.

To succeed, you need to check yourself for adequacy of understanding the topic, competent formulation of the main issue, your ability to separate the main from the secondary, the completeness of topic disclosure and identification of problems related to the main topic and adequacy of disclosure.

Besides, the content of your work shall correspond to the stated subject.

Logical character of text

Your ideas have to be clear and accurate. The thoughts must not be confused, ambiguous and uncertain. Provided argumentation shall be valid and present consistency.

General erudition

Depending on your knowledge of social facts and their appropriate use, your paperwork can be judged as perfect or not. Use examples from the world and national history, apply knowledge in the field of the history of world culture, and show your creative approach to answering questions, originality of thinking.

When you reach coherence, consistency, logical sequence of facts and proper structure of the text, you can be confident, that your essay will be graded as maximum as possible. The adherence to the basic standards of academic citation, the unity of style, accuracy and expressiveness of the language will be an additional criterion of the perfect work.

Remember, only when you write your essay with a good mood and want to transfer it to the reader, it will be perfect. There is nothing better than a composition created with a desire.


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