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Getting Started In Self-PublishingGetting started in self-publishing is your first step in becoming an independent author

Self-publishing a book in ebook or print is the quickest and easiest way to get your book published

Publishing your first book used to mean months or years of trying to find a literary agent and publisher willing to give you a chance at being a published author.

Today, however, the easiest and quickest way of getting your book published is to use free ebook and paperback self-publishing services.

You know how to write, but you might need to learn how to self-publish.

Just Publishing Advice gives new and not so new self-publishing authors all the help, tips and tricks, and how to guides you will need to help you get your book self-published and in front of millions of readers.

Learn how to use Amazon KDP and how to choose between Smashwords or Draft2Digital if you decide to use open publishing to access more retailers.

Learn how to prepare, self-publish and market an ebook

Learn how to self-publish an ebook and promote and market it using keywords and metadata, as well as how to leverage social media to get your title in front of potential readers.

For almost any question you have about self-publishing an ebook or book, you will probably find the answer on our site.

There are around 500 self-publishing articles on our site covering topics including how to self-publish an ebook or a print on demand (POD) paperback, through to how to use advertising and promotion to increase sales.

Other topics include ebook formatting, author promotion, marketing, using free ebooks and series starters to gain traction, as well as how to plan online promotion.

There are many reasons why authors self-publish and self-publishing is now accepted as a mainstream part of publishing.

Many indie authors have achieved great success by taking the decision to go it alone and become both authors and publishers.

If you have a written a book and now want to move towards getting it published, there is nothing standing in your way.

All it takes is a little time to learn how to format your manuscript in Microsoft Word, and you will be ready to self-publish an ebook or paperback in a very short time.

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A good place to start is to our page on where and how you can self-publish that gives you a brief outline of the options available.

Self-publishing advice at your fingertips

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Or, get everything you need to self-publish a book, in one easy to read ebook

how to self publish a bookIf you are in a hurry or prefer to have all the necessary information you will need to get started at your fingertips, you may want to read our self-publishing guide ebook.

How To Self-Publish A Book covers all the basics.

In logical order, it takes the mystery out of self-publishing by giving clear and often illustrated how-to guides for the necessary steps involved in successful self-publishing. Here are a few of the topics covered in the ebook.

  • How To Self Edit And Proofread Your Manuscript
  • How To Prepare Your Word Manuscript For Self-Publishing
  • How To Format Word For Ebook Publishing
  • How To Add A Table Of Contents To An Ebook
  • How To Make An Ebook Feel More Like A Real Book
  • How To Convert Word To .epub And .mobi Ebook Files
  • How To Find A Great Book Title
  • How To Use Metadata Effectively
  • How To Use Keywords To Sell More Kindle Ebooks
  • How To Master Kindle Keywords – For Free
  • How To Make Your Amazon Book Description Stand Out

You can find How To Self Publish An Book on Amazon or on many other ebook retailers.