How To Promote Your Books But Keep Your Friends

How To Promote Your Books

How to promote self-published books – be aggressive, but also, be polite.

There is a very fine line between aggressively promoting yourself as an author and your ebooks and books, and being a pain in the butt. USING CAPS AND SCREAMING at people is not on the right side of the line.

Nor is posting 100 messages per day linking to your book on Amazon. Using the imperative is also on the wrong side, so yelling BUY MY BOOK and  CHECK ME OUT are definitely out.

So how can you be aggressive, or perhaps more precisely, determined, proactive, productive and effective in promoting your books and increasing sales and still stay friends with the world?

The answer is to channel your aggression, energy, motivation and ambition into the most productive areas.

How to promote your books with ideas that will keep your friends.

Blog aggressively.

The more you blog, the more comments you get, the more people you reach, the more search engine listings you get, and the more exposure you get.

It also shows off your writing skills, so blog until you drop! And always, always reply to the comments you receive.

Add advertising to your blog.

Make sure you are making money from your blog, so you can re-invest the return in promoting your books and cover your blogging costs.

Comment like crazy.

Read blogs, newspaper articles, learn and get into the habit of leaving an intelligent comment. Every comment you make is a potential link back to you and your books.

Go guest blogging.

Writing a post for a popular blog is always worthwhile, so ask, ask, ask. Then there is the reverse situation. Invite bloggers to guest on your own blog.

Actively follow and unfollow on Twitter.

Sure, Twitter is a swamp, but a very productive swamp it is. Once over the 2,000 follower restriction, you can ‘technically’ follow 1,000 people per day, and unfollow as many as you like.

In reality, following 200 and unfollowing a similar number is more than enough, and will build you a handsome following very quickly. Never underestimate the power of Twitter, especially as a means to promote your rabid blogging!

Always cross promote yourself.

Use a number of social media platforms, and add your blog content, in particular, anywhere and everywhere you can. Twitter, Facebook, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, Google+ and Linkedin are all musts.

But here’s a little tip; Flipboard is becoming a new and huge traffic driver for me.

Make full use of KDP promotions tools.

If you are in KDPS, use every single day of your free ebook promotion and Kindle Countdowns to help your sales rank. You can even use KDP PPC ads if you have a few spare bucks. Remember the advertising revenue from your blog?

Make use of Facebook Ads.

Similar to KDP PPC ads, but a hell of a lot cheaper per click. Although a little more scatter gun than KDP Ads, which appear on Kindle book pages, they are still very good value.

Don’t over do it though, and stay within your budget. A little can go a long way with Facebook Ads.

Occasionally (buy) attract Facebook Likes to your page.

You can do a double take with this, as Facebook Ads for your book, linked to your Facebook Page can get you a lot of additional Likes, on top of book sales. This is really a killer bonus!

Killer categories.

Never, I repeat, never forget to regularly check your categories and seven keywords on KDP. This should always be aggressive work in progress.

If your book ranking is heading south, change them pronto! Research new keywords that not only suit your book better but find ones that will get your book into less competitive sub-categories.

Even if you have a few good keywords, search for more to replace your weaker ones.

Always keep thinking.

Never believe that today will be like yesterday, or that tomorrow will be like today. Always be ready to change, adapt and aggressively experiment.

There are many ways you can aggressively promote your books and yourself as an author, without upsetting the world.

But always remember to channel your determination intelligently and productively, and you’ll not only keep your friends, but you will also sell your books. In the end, it’s really all about being communicative, informative, imaginative, and very, very determined.

Ok, so there is no new news or advice you haven’t heard before in this post. But do you feel a little more confident and motivated now?

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Derek Haines

Derek Haines is an Australian author, living in Switzerland.

8 thoughts on “How To Promote Your Books But Keep Your Friends

  • Thank you for the information. I’ll study this some more and put your advise to work.

  • Great list! I’ve been considering if Facebook ads are worth it, so it was interesting to read your take on them. I like to submit to certain sites that aren’t on the list, but they’re only good for serial fiction (such as Tuesday Serial and Muse’s Success).

    • Any place you can promote, is a good place! Especially if it is targeted, as you say, such as for serial fiction. Since writing this list, I’ve thought of number of ideas I failed to mention. Maybe a second list coming soon.

  • Derek – I just wanted to say that you have the best daily publishing blog out there, and as a new author, I subscribe to many.

    Your blogs are the ones I bookmark and come back to. Thank you!

    Richard Rieman , Author of “The Author’s Guide to AudioBooks Creation” available in January.

  • Now I just have to get busy! Any advice for deciding how to prioritize if not everything on the list will fit into your day(s)?

  • Stellar! You mention several times the importance of images. Where do you go to get yours? You don’t have to share your goldmine, perhaps a simple “go to” list. I spend to much time looking around the web, and I am always afraid of copyright infringement. As always, thank you for sharing you priceless knowledge.

    Dave Callan

    • I use Canva, Dave. It’s a free design app so no secret. Saves me having worry about copyright, as you said.


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