How To Promote Your Self-Published Book






Book Promotion

How To Promote Your Self-Published Book

Promoting your book on Whizbuzz Books is very affordable. You will get broad based online book promotion that will have your book continually promoted for 365 days, 24/7.

When your book is posted it will be promoted from our website, to over half a million real Twitter users, as well as our popular Facebook Page and Pinterest.

Yes, Whizbuzz is set and forget, low cost book promotion for one whole year for around US$4.00 per month.

If you currently have a small social media footprint, use our social media network while you work on building your own.

So, what do we do to promote your book?.

our services include

Cheap Book Promotion on Twitter


Whizbuzz will post your book on Twitter for one year via both our @whizbuzz  and @justpublishing accounts on a regular and rotational basis to over 300,000 followers.


Whizbuzz will post your book rotationally on our Whizbuzz Facebook Page for one year.

Book Promotion on Pinterest


Your book cover will be promoted on two boards by Whizbuzz Books on Pinterest.

Amazon Book Promotion


Your book cover image will be linked directly to your Amazon book sales page.

Cross Promotion for books

Cross Promoting Books

Your book will be included in our related posts feature, More Good Reads, which features 12 books selected randomly on every book page.

SEO optimized

Your book page will have an SEO title and description plus an alt tag for your book cover image for search engine indexing.

But There's More

Only $
For one whole year of continual book promotion

Amazon api

We use Amazon's API and resources to ensure your book is listed in accordance with all of Amazon's conditions.

Your book

We know how much you love your book and we will make sure it is presented in the best possible light to potential readers and book buyers.


Unless we are sleeping, we will answer your emails or contact messages, ASAP or even sooner.

Are you ready to start promoting your book?

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