How You Can Easily Convert Epub To PDF For Ebooks

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How To Convert Epub to PDF

There are many reasons you might to want to convert epub to pdf

While there are many free online ebook file converters, here is a much better way to convert any ebook file format to a pdf file.

Online ebook converters generally give you only one file format you can upload for converting. On top of that, the quality of the conversion may not be perfect.

Wouldn’t it be better if you could convert all of your ebook formats and get a perfect pdf file every time? Well, you can, and you can even edit your ebooks before converting.

And it is free to convert all these files and more.

Convert epub to pdf
Convert epub to docx
Convert mobi to pdf
Convert mobi to docx
Convert AWZ3 (Kindle) to pdf
Convert AWZ3 (Kindle) to docx

Pdf (portable document format) files, which were developed by Adobe Systems, are useful if you want to print out parts of an ebook. For students, this is very helpful because so many textbooks are now using electronic publication or ebooks.

For authors, being able to annotate and print out ebook files can help with proofreading. It is also a practical way to send an ebook to a reader who does not have an electronic reading device such as a Kindle.

Epub format, which was developed by the International Digital Publishing Forum, is one of the most common ebook file types. It is used by most publishers and online ebook retailers, apart from Amazon Kindle which uses its proprietary AWZ file format.

No matter what format your ebook is in, you can convert to pdf very quickly.

So what do you need to do?


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Converting epub files to pdf

Your first step is to download Calibre, which is free open source software. It is easy to use and has a logical user interface. Or in other words, it looks nice and is simple to understand.

It is the ultimate file converter for ebooks.

calibre gui

You can download a version of Calibre for Windows, Mac or Linux, depending on your operating system.

Once you install the Calibre ebook converter, you are ready to start.

If you do not know where your ebook files are, you can read this how-to guide to back up your files from your Kindle.

For Apple iBooks, this short tutorial will help you find your epub files on your Mac.

Once you have located your ebook files, you are ready to add your first ebook to Calibre.


Click on the Add Book button, and select your book file in whatever format it is and you are ready to change your ebook to pdf format.

convert books

Your book will now be at the top of the list. Select your book, and then click on Convert Books to start the short process to convert your epub file, mobi or AWZ.

When the new screen open, you will see all the details about your selected ebook. In this screen, you can edit your book details or even add a new cover if you wish.

On the left-hand side, there are many tools for editing ebooks, which are mostly used for designing a new ebook after uploading in docx format. So you won’t need to use any of these for a simple epub to pdf conversion.

epub to pdf

If you are happy with the details, all you need to do is to click on Output Format in the top right-hand corner.

Then you can select from a dropdown list of file type options. In the image above, you can see the arrow pointing to start the pdf converter.

Once you select pdf, you will see the program working to convert your book. It usually only takes a few seconds.

Now you can go to your Calibre Libray, which is the button in the middle of the top menu, and see your new pdf file.


Wrap up

You can open your new file in any pdf reader, and from there you can annotate and print parts or all of your book.

Another practical use for Calibre is to use it to store your ebook files, so you have a reliable back up of all your ebooks.

You can also convert Word docx files to mobi or epub.

There are many ways to use Calibre, so take a look around after you have learned how to convert to pdf and see what more you can do with this free and extremely useful program.


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