10 Reasons To Self-Publish Your Book Apart From Money

10 Reasons to self-publish

There are many reasons to self-publish your own book.

But surprisingly, my list of 10 reasons why to self-publish your e-book or paperback makes no mention at all about making money.

I think the list of how to make money from e-book sales has been written enough times by others already.

Here are my thoughts.



1. You have a story to tell

… and now there is no excuse to keep it all to yourself. You’ve written the manuscript and left it sitting in a bottom drawer for years or have it hidden away on a computer backup disk.

Get it on Kindle and let your story have a chance to be read. Even if only one solitary reader reads it, your story will have at last been given life.


2. Rejection letters

… from literary agents will be a thing of the past as soon as you self-publish. As will all those bouts of depression and shedding of tears that your postman had to endure from you, every time he dutifully delivered the bad news.

Self-publish, and don’t forget to give the postman a signed copy.


3. You write in an obtuse genre

… and no one has been interested in publishing your work because it doesn’t fit a standard mould.

Self-publish and perhaps you will discover that there are people out there who share your point of view, or interest, and really want to read about breeding and house training blowflies. You never know unless you try.


4. Fulfil your dream

… by self-publishing one print-on-demand copy of your book and then have it sit proudly on your bookshelf, right alongside, or in between your favourite books.

This is a very cheap, simple and highly effective way of impressing your friends and family, and maybe even your boss when you invite him or her to dinner.


5. Releasing your feelings

… through writing is absolutely normal and has been the starting point for more writers than you can imagine. It is cathartic for sure, but a story that is written with genuine passion has a far better chance of being read than a ‘how-to’ book on ant farming.

You never know, so why not try and see what happens? The bonus is of course that by self-publishing, you have cleansed your soul – and can earnestly hope that the bastard or bitch who caused your grief will get to read it.



6. You have a theory

… especially a great conspiracy theory and you have told everyone you know.

So why not let more people in on the truth of the matter? I for one adore a great conspiracy theory and still idolise Erik von Daniken.


7. Share your knowledge

… on any topic that you consider yourself to be an expert. It matters not what your special knowledge is about, as there will always be at least a few people who share your interest and passion – from aardvark grooming through to zymurgy, which is one of my favourite subjects.

To save you heading off to your dictionary, zymurgy means, ‘the study or practice of fermentation in brewing, winemaking, or distilling.’


8. Use a pen name

… if you are a tiny bit shy about what you have written. Self-publishing has made erotica quite okay now.

Very popular in fact, so why keep those fifty little juicy secrets all to yourself?


9. Improve your CV

… by having a self-published title or two listed as personal achievements. This will surely impress prospective employers when they see a section of your CV titled ‘Publications’.

If you took the advice from my previous idea of using a pen name to publish naughty stories, perhaps think about writing on a slightly more suitable topic for inclusion in your CV.

Economics or woodwork might be better.


10. Self-publish just because you can

The keys have been taken from the lock keeper, and now, everyone has the ability, means and freedom to express themselves.

Everyone should have the right to say what he or she thinks, and now you can write and be read with that same freedom.

So what are you waiting for?


Derek Haines

A Cambridge qualified CELTA English teacher and author of 18 books with a life long passion for publishing in all forms. I started my working life as a lithographer and spent over 30 years in the printing and publishing business. Originally from Australia, I moved to Switzerland 20 years ago. My days are spent teaching English, writing and wrestling with technology while enjoying my glorious view of Lake Geneva and the Alps.

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