A Hands-On Review Of ProWritingAid Online Grammar Checker

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ProWritingAid Review

ProWritingAid is up there with the best if you need an online writing assistant

For more and more writers, an online grammar checker is becoming a must-have editing tool.

Any tool that highlights common grammar and spelling mistakes and offers quick and easy corrections is going to help improve your writing.

There are a lot of free grammar checking writing tools available online now, and most of them can offer you some basic help.

But to get really useful, in-depth analysis of your grammar and style, you will need to consider using a premium version editing tool.

When you are choosing an online grammar and writing assistant, the most important factors in your decision will be how well a tool suits your specific needs.

The choices will be different for every writer depending on what platforms, software and applications you are using.

For some, a fully functional desktop editor might be the only top priority.

While for others, mobility and portability might be necessities that require working with multiple browsers and using smartphone integration.

Of course, price is a big consideration for many, and before I even start on my review, this one is a winner already.

It is around one-third of the price of comparable premium writing and grammar checkers.

To help you in your decision-making process, here is my hands-on review of ProWritingAid.


My ProWritingAid Review

From the outset, I have to say that it only takes a few minutes to discover that ProWritingAid really has a lot going for it.

Compared to similar applications, just the toolbar of the editor alone lets you know immediately that there is a lot on offer to analyse your writing.

I am using the premium edition for my review, but even if you try the free version or free trial you will be able to discover how helpful it is.

Once you open the desktop web editor, the graphical menu at the top of the screen gives you access to so many ways to analyse, check and improve your writing.

I spent my first half an hour clicking all the buttons and discovering that the text from my work-in-progress novel really needed a lot more work.


While it certainly checks your grammar, the web editor gives you access to twenty or more other checks and tools. That’s a lot of grunt under the hood for a grammar and spell checker application.

The real-time check is a very handy tool to give you an overall running account as you make your corrections.

It sits in the top left-hand corner and works like a running scoreboard telling you how many possible errors or issues you have left to work on.

You can see that there is a lot of work left for me to do with my text!

Real Time

Once you get into analyzing your writing, Prowritingaid uses different coloured underlines beneath words and phrases to guide you to suggested corrections. One click and you have the correction or suggestion.

Here are a few examples of the way the editor works when highlighting quotation marks, redundancy and passive voice.

It was a surprise to discover that it finds unmatched quotation marks. I have not seen this function in any other applications before, and it is just so plain useful.





There are similar pop-ups for many other suggested corrections. However, the editor has more in store when you use some of the reporting tools available in the toolbar.

Here are a few examples of reports for repeated words, clichés and an overall reading report.

These reports are very detailed and are interactive with your text, which makes actually using the information to make corrections very easy.



Reading Report

Other tools and reports include stickiness, sentence length and overused words. It’s a long list!

There is no doubt that the ProWritingAid web editor is feature-rich, user-friendly and above all else, extremely helpful in improving your writing.


What about outside the web editor?

ProWritingAid has apps and plugins for a range of software applications.

There is a Chrome extension, Microsoft Word plugin, Google Docs extension, but importantly for many writers, it integrates with Scrivener.


As with similar premium apps, there is no Word integration for Mac users. This is a Microsoft and Apple problem, so no blame on the ProWritingAid developers here. But as an Apple user, it’s a bummer.

However, the web editor works extremely well and with a quick upload of a Word file, and common File, Save and Open menu commands, all is well.

However, on all other fronts, the news is good, even for Mac users.

On social media, you are protected from making silly little typos and spelling errors. In the posting text box, you will see that ProWritingAid is at work by the abbreviated toolbar that you use in the web editor.


For me, one of the most common uses of an online checker is when I am writing a blog post in WordPress. With the Chrome extension, it works like a charm and there is no lag or hesitation.


So how good is it overall?

Very good, I have to say. Every tool you could possibly need is included in ProWritingAid.

The interface is clean and is easy to understand and learn how to use.

If you are familiar with similar tools, it will only take you a few minutes to be underway and using the available tools and reports.

If you have never used an online grammar checker before, it will still only take you a very short time to feel comfortable using the web editor and Chrome extension.

Compared to others, the depth of analysis is the standout positive. There are just so many layers of corrections, improvements and reports to help you make your writing so much better and more readable.


The pros and cons of ProWritingAid

If you are looking for an online writing coach, then you should really consider this application.

I use the word, coach because compared to other correction tools, this one really does act like one.

There is so much advice you are offered, it really does feel like you have someone in your corner helping you along the way with your writing.

So, what are the good and the not so good points?



Fully Equipped

It has every conceivable writing check your could ever need or want, especially within the desktop editor.

Easy to get started and learn how to use

Every part of the application is intuitive and make sense. Even if you have never used an online writing assistant before, you will be up and running and productive on only a few minutes.

Low Price

Compared to similar premium software packages, at $50.00 a year, and less for longer-term subscriptions, it really is very inexpensive and affordable for most people.

Scrivener and Google Docs integration

This will be a winning point for some writers. Especially those who use Scrivener. Google Docs integration is a practical advantage for more and more writers.



No Safari and iOS

There is no Safari or Firefox extensions or iOS integration, which are available on some other apps. No plugin for Mac users with Microsoft Word.



ProWritingAid is certainly a great app, and for the price, it’s a real bargain.

The best performance is in the desktop editor where is wins hands down over the rest.

For a more detailed look at what Prowritingaid can do, you might like to watch this video about Aggressive Self Editing.


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Derek Haines

Derek Haines is an Australian author, living in Switzerland.

10 thoughts on “A Hands-On Review Of ProWritingAid Online Grammar Checker

  • There are so many reviews and it has me confused. It appears that the two best writing aids are ProWritingAid and Grammarly. Currently, I use both but my Grammarly is the free version while my ProWritingAid is the paid subscription version. Is there an advantage of the Premium Grammarly over the ProWriting Aid. If you had to decide between the two, which one would you recommend? Thank you.

  • I am using it or at least I am trying to. It has great features and editing my book is easier with it.


    1. It is freezing, lagging and editing becomes extremely slow after a while.
    2. The text size and type changes if you copy paste for example about 20 pages from the word. It will completely mess up the whole style.

    I would use it and even pay for it, but these two issues are a major no go for me. Oh as for specs for my PC. I am using it on a gaming PC, 32 RAM, i7 processor and Nvidia GeForce 980 Graphics card. It is more than powerful enough for the program not to have such issues. But it does.

  • Every writer needs ProWritingAid editing software to develop better writing skills and help them become excellent writers. It doesn’t focus only on writing mistakes but also deals with overall writing quality. This results in high quality, easier to read, unique, and free from any errors content. It makes your writing worth to publish and read.

  • I’ve heard the comma correction on PWA isn,t as good as on Grammarly is this true?

    • Both are good. But yes, Grammarly really has a thing about commas. This is great if you’re a comma addict like me. Btw, Grammarly is telling me it doesn’t like my comma after “but yes”. Well, I like it, so it stays.

  • I used prowritingaid for a year and half, loved it. Paid for a second year of premium subscription and dang, the program quit working. It absolutely will not load on my windows 10 laptop. I can use it in google docs but my book is in Scrivener so I have to toggle between the three to get the edits done. Sigh, their technical assistance is less than stellar.

  • Cons: does not support Latex (others also do not)

    • Latex is for technical writing, so I doubt it will be supported by most apps.

  • I’ve used both premium services, and Grammarly cleaned up my short stories, but Pro took my story, knocked my head on the keyboard and asked me, “Good god man, we’re you really going to submit that crap? let me have a crack at it.”
    I’d choose Pro everyday.

    • I agree, Richard. Both are fine apps, but for different writing projects. Prowritingaid is definitely the best for long-form writing. But Grammarly is great for articles and blog posts in WordPress.


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