How Can You Upgrade Your Writing Skill? Secrets of Essay Writing

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Secrets of Essay Writing

Communication is one of the most important and crucial skills needed in every aspect of our lives.

It does not matter if we are trying to communicate with family, friends, or even work colleagues.

What matters is that our ability to communicate remains uncompromised at all times. However, unlike our preconception, communication does not only involve oral speech and the use of our vocals.


In fact, there are several other ways in which we can communicate our ideas and feelings across.

For example, writing is a fast and efficient way to communicate with our peers. Nonetheless, writing involves numerous tactics that not everyone is accustomed to, and may even be daunting to some.

For students, this has an additional benefit, as it could greatly improve their chances of succeeding in their studies.

And if you’re one of those student writers struggling with essay writing, fret not. We are here to help you with just that.

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Improving one’s writing skills is a slow and arduous process. It involves a monumental amount of reading, studying, practicing, reviewing and practicing over and over again.

For people who write on a constant basis, this might already have become a habitual cycle that you are used to.

However, not everyone has a flair or interest in writing, neither does everyone work for a writing company.

But this does not mean that everyone cannot improve their writing abilities.

To help you with that, we are here to provide you with some simple and useful tips below that you can incorporate into your everyday lives in order to elevate your writing prowess.

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Secrets of essay writing

Concept: Having a clear understanding of the concept that you are trying to put across to your readers and being able to put it into simple words will allow your essay to encompass a macro view that can greatly ease the reading of the essay.

Writing a skeleton: Before diving straight into the writing of the essay, make sure you have written a brief outline of your essay in order to keep your essay on focus.

This will help to realign your thoughts whenever you are having a writer’s block.


Beef up your content with research: Make sure that your essay is extremely well supported with cited sources and backed up by a lot of research.

By doing so, your essay will have increased credibility and persuasiveness so that your readers will be better able to follow your train of thought.

Mini writing skills: Practicing good writing starts with the basics, such as using proper grammar and punctuations.

Of course, enhancing your essays appropriately with difficult vocabulary and ensuring that your sentences flow smoothly is also crucial skills to learn.

Put yourself in the shoes of the readers: By approaching your essay from another perspective, you can better anticipate and address the questions that might arise when one reads your essay.

This will allow you to pre-emptively address these questions in your essay to remove your readers’ doubts and clarify their hesitations.

Emulate masters: Read widely and in great volume.

By engaging with other great works such as journal articles, poetry, novels and even children books, we can come to understand how the masters of writing have thoroughly engaged the masses with their words and how you can similarly do the same.

Have an arsenal of different writing approaches: We cannot possibly approach different essays with the same technique.

For example, writing to a group of scientist would require a different path as compared to writing for a children book.

In the same way, you might need to know how to alternate between your writing techniques by using a persuasive and personalized tone for an essay and an impersonal but factual one for the next.

Choose wisely because it would set the general tone for your essay.

With the above tips laid out, we hope that you will be better equipped to tackle the task of writing.

We cannot wait for you to begin your journey and contribute to the ever-growing collection of written works so that our next generation can too learn from and emulate.


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