How To Promote Your Writing With Your Own Blog

Promote your writing with a blog

By Christine Allen

When it comes to advertising, many writers face a challenge. From one hand, it is better to use the services of famous advertising companies and build an effective campaign for making your book famous.

From the other hand, the Internet has various opportunities to run your own advertising campaign without spending money on employees. Besides, if your writing is fascinating, you will find readers by yourself.

You just need to understand how to act and what points to take into consideration.



Self-promotion: is it effective?

Sometimes, self-advertising and self-promotion are considered to be arrogance and a kind of inflated ego. However, when artists and musicians publish links to their works in social networks, no one tells them that they are too arrogant.

Moreover, everyone supports them and asks to share their works directly. Today, painters and photographers share their vision of the world via Instagram. Why should writers avoid self-promotion?

The modern era of free access to the Internet allows sharing your art with the whole world. There is no need in going to publishers and asking them to give you feedback. You do not need to send your articles to magazines and journals in the hope that someone will notice them.

You can just create your blog and use it as a platform for publishing your writing, finding readers, adverting, and attracting sponsors and investors.


Top 5 tips to create an effective blog

To create a blog useful for promoting your writing, you need to follow a list of tips and steps.


1. Upgrade your blog regularly

Your blog should be modern and fit the requirements of content marketing. For example, add an About Us page where you will tell everything about yourself, add new posts regularly, add social network plugins, and make use of SEO to attract more traffic.

Moreover, the requirements for content change all the time. Upgrading of blog content is one of the basic stages of writing promotion.


2. Build communication with your readers

Your blog is a public space where anyone can leave a comment and express his or her opinion about your writing. Communicate with your readers and ask for their feedback and involve them in a conversation. They will be more interested in reading a novel the author of which they know.

Communication ensures long-term relations with your readers. In a year or two, they will still remember you, especially if you keep updating your blog (watch the first point of this article).


3. Create a proper content strategy

Content strategy for a writer’s blog has some particular approaches. For example, you need to add excerpts from your novel to your posts from time to time.


That will keep your readers interested in your posts. Remember about the frequency of adding new content: you should not annoy your readers with thousands of notifications, but you still need to write frequently enough so they remember you.


4. Add an FAQ page for effective writing promotion

Give answers to the most frequently asked question: where to buy your books, when the next novel or story will be published, how to find your early works, etc. Your readers will appreciate this approach: you save their time so that can enjoy reading your books instead of looking for this information all over the web.

It is better to promote your FAQ page in the introductory post, in the menu of your blog, or add a linking blog on the main page.

If you want to make this page effective, try to highlight the most important points and invite your readers to ask questions so you can give answers on this page.


5. Share your writing experience

If you are not Stephen King, do not write about your dogs, wife, and your son’s achievements. Promote your blog using organic traffic.

As you are a writer, write about books, your favorite books, your personal writing secrets. Tell your readers what inspires you and how you manage to stay motivated. Frequently, young writers read such blogs, and your experience is the most interesting information for them.

Writing is beyond space and time. It means that this information will always be effective and interesting for your readers.

Moreover, it will give your readers an opportunity to trace the development of your writing over time.

Of course, your blog should not contain any offensive information unless it is a part of your marketing strategy.

You should be careful with your utterances: as a media person, your words do matter, and you may have problems if you do not follow some rules of expressing your opinion.

Benefits of running a blog for your writing promotion cannot be overestimated. You get direct communication with your readers, free marketing of your upcoming books, and the attraction of new fans.

Even if you have never thought of using a blog as a part of your marketing strategy, you should try to implement one.

You will discover new ways of sharing your writing with people and receive fast and effective feedback from your real readers.



Christine Allen is a young writer and blogger. She believes that you can get everything that you want. You just need to be sure of what you really want and be patient. You can follow her on Facebook or LinkedIn.


3 thoughts on “How To Promote Your Writing With Your Own Blog

  • January 11, 2017 at 7:02 pm

    I liked this post – simple reading, with useful information. But, as many say, I’m not quite tech savvy, and would appreciate more help on setting up my own blog. AND, I’d like to know how the adverting thing works – seems I don’t have the slightest inkling about it.

  • January 11, 2017 at 2:20 pm

    Thank you for posting this, I was getting ready to delete my blog but now I may reconsider. I am not a tech savvy person at all and have received little feedback. What I have received though has been good, but I fear they are just being nice. I like how your blog is set up. it is clean and precise, no flowery distracting nonsense. I could focus on your words rather than a bunch of pictures. I shall be back for more advice and tips on blogging and publishing. Thank you.

    • January 11, 2017 at 3:59 pm

      Thank you for your comment, and compliment, Amandia, and good luck with your blogging.


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