Learn How You Can Turn Your Blog Into A Book With Self-Publishing

How To Turn Your Blog into a Book

Writing a book from scratch is a very challenging task for most writers. So why not turn your blog into a book.

Even if you have written five books before, the process of creating a brand new book is often exhausting.

There’s a new trend (let’s call it like that), which is rapidly gaining popularity in the blogging world.

Bloggers have started turning their blogs into books.

The benefits

This tactic has different purposes and can lead to a great outcome if the transformation process is performed correctly.

A blog and a book are two different concepts, and they work differently.

Even so, creating a book out of your blog is going to bring lots of benefits.

In today’s article, we’ll cover a few of the most important advantages of turning a blog into a book, while we’ll also talk about the process itself.

You’ll find some great insights and indications which will allow you to save a lot of time from the moment you start converting your blog into a book.


The Benefits of Turning a Blog into a Book

If there were no benefits, no one would do it.

But as far as we can see, the market is quickly shifting and acting upon new things.

Books that are made of blog content are one of the activities which many bloggers tend to do nowadays.


1. A Book Offers Credibility

There’s a huge difference between a book and a blog.

Even though a blog could be really credible, it can’t compare with a well-written book.

When you tell your audience that you have written a book, you’re letting them know that you’re an expert in the field.


2. You Can Reach Different Audiences

Some people just don’t read blogs.

They are information consumers who choose books instead of any other form of content.

Some people are not comfortable with technology, while some might not have internet access all the time.


3. Money

Let’s not forget about the fact that your book will have a price. A blog has a different type of monetization.

You make money with ads or affiliate marketing, but now we’re talking about different standards.

If you have a product (book), you can earn way more money, as you will get all the money without sharing it with anyone.


5 Specific Tips to Successfully Turn a Blog into a Book

The process of turning a blog into a book isn’t that complicated, but it’s not super easy either.

That’s why we’ve prepared some tips that will guide you through the main steps of the transformation process.

It’s important that you also take action and not just read this article; if you do nothing, you’ve learned nothing!


Gather All Your Content in One Place

The first thing you have to do is select all the relevant blog posts that could fit the main subject of your book.

Put them all in a file, and then start reading all of the blog posts one more time.

Do not assume that creating a successful book product is as simple as putting everything in one place and hope for the best.

Think about it this way: the reader has to go through a longer reading experience.

The reading sequence has to be perfect in order for the book to be readable.

This means that all of the pages must provide sufficient continuity in order to be understandable.


Select What Fits, Get Rid of The Rest

After you gather and read all of your blog posts, start selecting those posts that provide concepts and ideas that you’ll ultimately include in your book.

Don’t be disappointed if 20 of your 45 blog posts are not a good fit for what you need.

It usually happens, so it’s perfectly normal.


Begin the Transformation Process

A book needs a good introduction, the body part, and a conclusion.

In case your blog posts don’t cover the introduction and conclusion (and they usually won’t), you’ll have to write them from scratch.

I’d suggest you start converting most of your blog posts that will be placed in the main body of your book.

There are certain WordPress plugins such as Anthologize, which will help you automate the process of converting your blog into a good looking e-book.

It would be very time consuming taking all the sentences and words and organizing them manually.

That’s why it helps a little to automate this process.


Outsource a Professional Book Editor

Even if you believe that you have the necessary editing skills, you are wrong in many aspects.

If you are a blogger, you know about writing blog posts, different types of articles, and so on.

A book is a whole different story. There are a lot more elements you need to take care of compared to a blog post.

Do not hesitate to invest in book editing.

People who edit books have a lot of experience and knowledge concerning some aspects that you may have never heard of before.

It’s just like entering a whole different market, where book publishers do things right, and they invest a lot of money during the process.


Get a Professional Cover Design

Some people order books because they are attracted by the design of the cover.

In other cases, a design can be a complete turn-off for a potential customer.

If you’re a professional cover designer, go for it, do it on your own. If that’s not the case, you’ll have to invest money again.

Services like Upwork or Freelancer can put you in touch with professional designers who can solve your issue in a short time.

You can find all sorts of freelancers and all sorts of prices.

Depending on your standards and budget, choose the most suitable freelancer for your book cover.

Turning your blog into a successful book isn’t rocket science, but it’s not easy either. It will take time, effort, and money.

In case you wish to publish a book, you must commit to hard and smart work.

It’s all hard in the beginning; your second book will come much easier, as you’ve previously gained the knowledge.


julie-petersenJulie Petersen is an educational blogger at Askpetersen essay reviews. She has been teaching at Stanford University for several years; then she started her blog to help students study effectively. Now she is working on her first ebook dedicated to online learning.


2 thoughts on “Learn How You Can Turn Your Blog Into A Book With Self-Publishing

  • Avatar for Mark Felton-Aksoy
    July 13, 2020 at 8:10 am

    Hi Julie,

    As odd as this may seem, I am approaching this problem from the other side. I have written a book and am thinking of serialising it in a blog. Having never written a blog, I don’t know how.

    Title: “How To Crash An Airline – The Emerald Airways Saga.”

    I was an airline Captain. Prior to that, a flying instructor. Before that, I was chasing Soviet submarines around the oceans as an underwater acoustics specialist in the Royal Air Force. When not being Cold War warriors, our primary peacetime role was long range maritime search and rescue. Prior to that? Well I got a glider pilot’s certificate at age 16, a full year before I could legally drive a car.

    During the night of 14th November 2002, I commanded two public transport freight flights that ought never to have taken place. During the course of the second flight the aircraft was in very great danger of crashing into the Alps. Given that all my hopes and dreams from childhood had centred on being a pilot, I can’t think of a more miserable admission of failure!

    In March 2006, I was at home, suspended, awaiting the result of a different disciplinary hearing against me. The result never came because events overtook this predicament. The UK Civil Aviation Authority, at LONG last, took action and closed Emerald Airways down, on safety grounds. The subject of my disciplinary hearing, which so vexed the Chief Executive Officer, was that I had had communication with the Civil Aviation Authority, thereby breaching company confidentiality.

    My book is a first person narrative of several air accident reports. My Alps Incident threw every managerial malpractice at that airline into focus.

    It is long. It is VERY long. It is 400 pages long! It is long because I have written it so your granny could understand it. Had I written it for fellow Emerald Airways pilots, it could have been a quarter of its present length. THIS audience knew the aircraft and the brand new FedEx Contract intimately. Even for non Emerald Airways pilots, I would have had to explain about our aircraft and the negligent way in which the management thrust this contract onto the workforce. I want this book to serve as a wake-up call to what can go VERY wrong when a parochially short-sighted management is let loose on a game-changing contract.

    It is not just me versus this company. Several official UK Air Accident Investigation Branch reports into incidents at Emerald Airways, along with company correspondence and witness testimonials corroborate my claims.

    Yesterday, I opened an account with Word Press. Now, I assume it would not be a good idea just to copy and paste the entire book and bowl it crashing toward the stumps in one go?

    Some advice – or at least a heading to fly initially – would be most welcome.

    With thanks,

    Mark Felton-Aksoy

  • Avatar for Gary Peterson
    August 1, 2018 at 12:59 am

    Thanks for this guide Julie. I have published 3 ebooks, but this is the first blog that I am going to edit into a book ( e and hard copy). It was very helpful.
    Doing my due diligence before starting.

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