Research Your Book Title Before Publishing

Doing Your Book Title Research

Do you research your book title before publishing?

The importance of researching a book title is often overlooked by self-publishers.

While it is easy to think that the title you have selected is fantastic, unique and attention-grabbing, I wonder how many authors do any research before deciding on their book title.

Without taking the time to research your book title before publishing, it is very easy to fall into the trap of having a title that is already in use by another, or more than one author. Finding a unique title involves taking the time to do your research before making a decision that will be difficult or impossible to change after publishing.

The mistake of discovering that many other books have the same title as your book will make it difficult when it comes time to promote your book.

In a recent article in The Chicago Tribune, one small paragraph highlighted the problem.

“Recently, she was researching a proposed title for a book the company is about to publish. A quick search of Amazon revealed 40 books with exactly the same title. “Every single one of them was self-published. That takes up space. That’s going to make it harder to compete, harder to stand out.”

Check your book title ideas

When it comes time to decide on a title for a new book, there are a number of quick checks that you can do.

Firstly, of course, is to do check on Amazon Search to see if the title is already being used by other books.

Another easy way is to do a Google Search.

While it is, of course, preferable to have a unique book title, another consideration is how well the title will work in Google and Amazon Search to attract organic Internet traffic to your new book.

By using a selection of keywords from your proposed book title, it is easy to see how popular the search results are by noting the number at the top of the Google Search results.

I did a quick Google Search for the following three keyword phrases and they returned drastically different results.

Space Invaders – 11,300,000

Space Aliens – 18,200,000

Space Wars – 25,700,000

So clearly having the words ‘space’ and ‘wars’ included in a book title are going to attract more organic traffic that the other two combinations.

This, of course, is a simplistic example, yet I wonder how many self-published authors take the time to do something as easy as this before deciding on their book title.

For a more detailed step-by-step guide to doing your book title research, you might like to read this article, Do you research your book title before publishing?

Perhaps you will for your next book.

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Derek Haines

Derek Haines is an Australian author, living in Switzerland.

8 thoughts on “Research Your Book Title Before Publishing

  • I always check. A title cannot be copyrighted, but a unique title may be better. On the other hand, a title close to a famous book may be preferable.

  • Thanks for sharing. Perfect advice. I, also search first now. Gonna share this.

  • I knew I wasnt going to have too much competition for my trilogy, they are quite unique! But I will definitely research for subsequent titles… its just common sense, isnt it?

  • I have several books with exactly the same titles but different authors. Years ago, that didn’t appear to happen much. In the last 30 or 40 years somehow, someone stopped paying attention along the line.

  • I did my checks before self publishing. One title the same circa 1987. I’m now having problems with my next title. I’ve written a list of titles and searched Amazon. Not so easy this time. Excellent advice in this post, Loving all the Just Publishing posts and learning so much. Rita

    • Very happy to hear that you are finding our advice posts useful, Rita.

  • My search comes up with 78 Amazon paper and 21 eBooks. In your humble opinion Derek, would that be acceptable?


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