Attracting Readers To Buy Kindle Erotica Ebooks

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how to promote and attract readers to erotic ebooks

Erotica ebooks are very popular, but how can you promote them?

There are over 200,000 Kindle erotica ebooks listed on Amazon alone and the number is growing every day.

But for erotica authors of novels or short stories, the opportunities for book promotion are quite limited. This is because many mainstream and popular book promotion sites do not accept erotic fiction titles.

If you do a quick check of the Kindle Boards, you will find posts from a lot of people writing erotica, who are looking for ways to promote their books.

Unfortunately, some of the sites that are recommended, which do promote erotica, tend to have the feel of a porn site rather than a genuine book promotion site.

Sure, the boundaries between sex stories, porn and red-hot erotica can be a bit blurry sometimes.

But books, whether in ebook format or paperback, should not be classified as pornography. But that is not a, pardon the pun, fifty shades point I will argue here.

What I would rather do is give some helpful pointers, which may help erotica writers and their titles gain more attention, traction and book sales.

As far as social media promotion goes, Twitter is probably the best forum. But it’s crowded there, so be prepared to work hard to gain some traction and attention.

Facebook is very touchy, so I would not recommend it. Facebook ads can sometimes work reasonably well for general fiction, but it is next to impossible to get adds approved for erotic titles.


How can you successfully promote a self-published erotica ebook?

It is far better is to think less about social media promotion, and more about how readers go about finding erotic stories to buy and read. Rarely would a reader buy an erotica ebook because of one Tweet on Twitter.

A reader is more likely to go to the Kindle Store and search for erotica titles; when they are in the mood, and then search for titles that they find in their preferred topics or sub-genres.

I don’t want to make a list here of what people may use as search words or phrases other than fall in love. But I am sure that your imagination as a fiction writer can make a quick list that would apply to your books.

Surprisingly, if you do a search on Amazon Kindle with a sex-related keyword, such as sex toys, Amazon recommends associated keywords, which as I discovered before writing this post, can be of a very, and I mean very explicit nature.

So clearly there is very little censorship being applied on Amazon Search. So you can stretch the limits of your imagination to find keywords that readers of erotic romance are looking for.

To attract erotica readers, researching a compelling book title and selecting two appropriate categories and seven searchable keywords associated with them, is by far the best way to gain sales traction.

If you want to take your Amazon keyword and category research to another level, you could try using KDP Rocket to research search terms that real Amazon book buyers use.

In combination with the occasional free ebook giveaway, the chances of sales success are far higher using Amazon keywords and categories than relying on social media or your website or blog book promotion.


Kindle Unlimited could be a winner for erotic ebooks

Another point to consider is that erotica readers can be ravenous, so they may be using a subscription service such as Kindle Unlimited.

If you have your ebooks with KDP Select, and available on Kindle Unlimited, consider your ebook price. If it’s too low, it looks less of a bargain for subscription paying readers.

I had one of my own ebooks (not erotica) listed at $0.99 for a couple of years, and after Kindle Unlimited was introduced, sales died very quickly.

But when I increased the price to $2.99, it started getting KU reads immediately. So, my $0.99 ebook is now making about $1.40 for each full read instead of $0.33 per sale that it used to earn for me.

If you write and publish erotica, and you haven’t done so already, take a good look at the Amazon keywords listed with your ebooks or books, and check how they perform in Amazon Search, and how high your titles rank by search rather than sales rank.

The exact same process of keywords and search can be used on Smashwords, B&N or any other publishing platform you use.

Investing your time in keyword research and price points may well be far more financially rewarding than hunting for book promotion opportunities, which will more than likely attract very few sales.

You might also like to read our other article about promotion erotica ebooks – 9 actions you can take to promote erotic ebooks.


One last suggestion to consider

If you are looking for online promotion for your erotica titles, Whizbuzz Books accepts erotica titles for its one-year promotion package. However, you should first read the submission guidelines carefully to make sure your title is acceptable.


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Derek Haines

Derek Haines is an Australian author, living in Switzerland.

3 thoughts on “Attracting Readers To Buy Kindle Erotica Ebooks

  • August 9, 2017 at 1:55 am

    I have tried these ans your are correct, Sites do not like to promote Erotica so I am having trouble getting traction.
    I will look into Whizzbuzz for the advertising. Thank for the help


  • December 24, 2016 at 6:52 pm

    Hi there. I have to admit the advice is very simplistic but it does really seem workable. Will put it into practice with my next book in January. The challenge is coming up with a title that is not already exhausted. In the meantime you can see my first entitled ” Getting The Neighbor To Work” at Smashwords. I would love for you to read the free sample on the site and give me your feedback. ;-)

  • August 1, 2015 at 10:54 am

    Thanks for the information it is very informative and useful with good valid points. I am looking into the ones you have made, although I have already worked out the pricing. However, its the linking that I have trouble with, what will work and what won’t. Once again thanks for the blog hope you are well my friend




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