Essential Tips For Writing A Novel That Sells To The Public

How To Write Your New Novel

By Sarah Robinson

A lot of people know how to open a book and read, but only a few know how to.

There are even fewer people who can write a novel, and within these few numbers, there is only a small percentage of people who can write a story that sells.

And writing a novel is not easy, especially if you don’t know where to begin with.


So when you’re planning to write a novel, you might be wondering how you can write a book that most readers will like.

Unless of course, you want to write for nothing.

Gladly, we have gathered some essential tips for creating a piece that sells to everyone who loves to buy books.


1. Choose your story’s theme.

Before you start writing, it’s essential that you should have an idea of what theme your whole novel will revolve around.

You should pick a topic that will pique your interest.

Don’t pick something just because it’s what you think is cool, or what your audience will love.

You have to know that the audience will enjoy your story, no matter what the theme of your novel is. If they can see that you’ve written it well, they’ll dig into it.

Some themes you can choose from:themes

Science Fiction

2. Manage your writing time.

If you want to make an exciting novel, be sure to devote as much time as you can on it. And you can do this by managing your time well.

You can manage your time by:

Turning off distractions (such as mobile phones, tablets, TV)
Setting a goal for your word count
Breaking up your day into chunks
Using a timer


3. Be methodical and structured.

One of the things that will make writing the novel easier is planning in advance. And you can do this by forming an outline and jotting down the characters of your story. The framework will serve as your guide on what to do next.


It will help you to see how your story will come together and let you know what you need to do to achieve your ultimate goal. Lastly, what makes outlining helpful is that when you’re working on a novel is that you can easily incorporate and track any changes.

How to outline your novel:

Sketch scene ideas
Write a summary of the beginning, middle, and end
Explore your setting


4. Get a writing partner.

When working on a novel, one of the things that can aid the process is a partner. Your partner will be the person that you can share the responsibilities not only of writing but also of publishing and actually selling your novel.

You will also have someone who you can rely on to give you constructive criticism and insightful feedback.

Your writing partner should:partner

Share similar sensibilities with you
Be able to play well with others
Be someone you respect and respects you in return


5. Research as much as possible.

Writing a book without doing research first is like going to war without knowing how to fire your gun.

Researching will help you get an idea of how your story will bloom. It will also help you develop your theme further, and ensure that your novel can be as accurate as possible.

You should research about:

The setting where your novel will take place
Your character’s profession, habits, personalities
The behavior, mannerisms, and personalities of people in your chosen setting
The writing style applicable to your theme


6. Get ready to get down and dirty.

You need to remember that when you’re still drafting your novel, it will be messy. Ideas come and go, and most of the time, you’ll end up to keep making changes along the way. And you need to live with how messy and dirty it can be.

How to clean up your draft:

Daydream and imagine how things will unfold while writing
Embrace your outline
Recap and make changes if necessary


7. Identify your goals every writing session.

Outlining your goals before you start in every session will help you focus on what you want to achieve. It will help you stay focussed on your story’s theme and help prevent you from overwhelming your work with your ideas.

How to set your goals:

Set a realistic deadline
Be clear
Make sure your goal is measurable
Be sure that your goals are relevant to your novel


8. Take a break.

You should take a break, and not just a twenty-minute break, but a vacation break. A break will help you freshen up your brain, prevent burn out, and gain a new perspective. Continuous writing will only make you forget how to live your life and will drive you into madness.

You can:

Go to a beach resort
Go hiking
Go camping

No one can give you a guarantee that whatever you’re writing will become a hit.

However, following the tips that we have provided will hopefully help you form a novel that can catch the public’s attention.

You can turn your ideas into a story that will turn you into a writer who can enjoy and be proud of what you’ve produced.

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sarah robinsonSarah Robinson is a passionate writer and advocate for donating stories to the less fortunate. She currently works for and enjoys reading her favourite novels in her pass time. She has a loving and very supportive family and enjoys visiting book signing events whenever she can.



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