Ebook Publishing Tip – Read Your Ebook Before You Publish

Read Your Ebook Before You Publish

How can you check your new ebook before you publish?

In a previous post, How To Convert Word To Epub and Mobi, I explained how to convert a Word document into an epub or mobi file by using Calibre.

Once your manuscript is converted, it is then ready to use on almost all mobile reading devices including Kindle, iPad, Nook or via reading apps such as the Kindle app or iBooks.

This means that you have to load your ebook file onto your device or ask friends to do the same so you can see the result and check your new book on as many devices as possible.

Every time I am ready to publish a new book, I always check my ebook file on my iPad and iPhone with both the Kindle and iBooks apps. I also load it onto my Kindle. On top of that, I ask a friend for some help to see how it looks on an Android phone.

This sounds like a lot of loading and downloading and hooking up and cables. But there are two easy methods to view your manuscript on almost any device, quickly and very easily.


Send your ebook to your phone

The first way is with old fashioned email. It is still by far the easiest way.

For iPads, iPhones, Android phones and tablets or any device that can fetch email, just attach your .epub and .mobi files as attachments from your Calibre library, then mail them to yourself or your friends.

To open the files, tap on the attachments and select the application to open them and read your book immediately.

Depending on your device and what programmes you have, there may be a number of e-reading apps available.

Check Your New eBook 2

Check Your New eBook 1

For Kindles, all you need to do is to download a small programme from Amazon called ‘Send To Kindle’, which is available for PC and Mac, and after installing, you right-click on your file and click ‘Send To Kindle’.

Check Your New eBook 3

Now you can easily check the formatting and readability of your ebook file on almost any device before you publish.

Make sure to check your book using different font options and text sizes, as well as in landscape and portrait, to see how your book will look to readers and then you will be 100% sure that when you do finally hit the publish button, your ebook will be absolutely perfect.


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