Is A Website Important For A Writer?

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Do Writers Need A Website

There is so much content on the Internet that trying to filter through it will leave your head spinning.

If you’re a writer or producer of any form of content, then this means trouble for you.

It means that every new article produced and uploaded to the internet is shrinking your market.


This is the reason why depending on the fact that you are a great writer won’t automatically catapult you to the top of the best writers of your generation, let alone pay your bills.

So, if great writing is not a guarantee of success, where do I start? You may be asking.

Simply start a website and shut out this noise coming from all sorts of people who think of themselves as writers.

If you don’t have a website, then you may as well stay at home and watch television the whole day, because there are very few people who will ever see the stuff you write.


But I already have a blog

We’ve all heard that fancy person tell us, “Please go to my blog for more information.”

While this may impress a lot of people who don’t know these things, this person is simply asking you to visit their website.

So why the word blog?

Because the term has turned into cultural lexis and anyone who refuses to adopt it, may as well give up living and try something else.

Just in case you don’t know yet, the term blog is a shortening of the word weblog: a software designed to assist writers to publish content into an attractive sequential listing that can easily be put into categories depending on the theme of the post.

It also allows you to tag certain terms and make the job of search engines easier when directing people to the stuff you write.

Even though the landing page of your weblog will have your posts featured in the format of a list, each post you create becomes its own page which can easily be referenced by search engines.

What this implies is that if you have a great site design, then publishing your work becomes easy, allowing you to build hundreds of pages in a short period of time.

So, just saying, “But I have a blog”, will no longer be enough to get you that coveted traffic to your articles.

You’ll need to have some good knowledge of how to build a website. If not, then you can hire some and pay them to do this for you.


However, there is a secret; there are many sites on the internet which now provide templates for blogs at affordable rates for anyone; whether they are a pro or an amateur.


Putting everything in place

Now that you’ve identified the need to have a website, you need to put everything together.

There is no need to sweat the small stuff, services such as the Ning Network and other quality ones have already done this for you.

Before you select a service that will host your website, do your homework.

For instance, a service like Ning would be great for someone whose idea is to create an online community anchored on social media.

Even if you think of yourself as a great website maker, it is still advisable for you to go with a standard template. You don’t want to spend your time trying to put a website together.

The idea is that you want to start creating content as soon as possible.

That’s the only way you will guarantee that your presence in the jungle called the internet starts being felt.


Write well

As far back as 2014, the number of websites on the internet had hit a billion.

As a writer, this is not good news for you. Hence, the poorly written content which provides no value to the reader will not find many takers.

Writing well means that your content has to be written with a particular audience in mind. It has to be written by a passionate writer who understands the importance of quality.

What this means is that you’ll need to invest adequate time to edit and revise your writing.

This will show visitors to your website that you respect their time and they’ll keep coming back and sharing with their friends online and through word of mouth.


Become part of a community of writers

You can become part of a community of writers through networking using Blogroll: a sidebar on your website listing other sites related to your niche in which you write.

Create links to those sites and ensure that the owners of such sites know you’ve mentioned them in your site. This is an action that is usually reciprocated.

Visit the blogs of others, and make useful comments and don’t be afraid to direct someone to your own site if the information there would truly add value.

Connect to readers through including social network buttons on your website and ask them to share.


Listen to your readers

Having a website provides you with a chance to get better; using the comments left by your readers. The idea is never to take anything personally.

Of course, you’ll always meet negative people, but the majority of people leaving comments on your website mean well. Interact with the readers who comment on your site and recognize their effort.

This will help you create a community of readers who will start seeing you as the go-to expert in the area you are writing about.




Of course, even though we agree that a writer needs a website, no one can pretend that it will get you a million readers overnight.

It will take a lot more than that.

However, there are a few things that will ensure you see rapid progress in your craft: being passionate about your craft, finding a great website maker based on the kind of content you create, respecting your work and readers, and being consistent, day after day.


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