Is Your Book Lost In The Crowd? – 11 Tips To Help Get Your Ebook Noticed

Lost in a crowd - get your ebook noticed

How do you get your ebook noticed? Is your ebook lost in the crowd?

If it is, it is not hard to understand why when you realize just how many new authors are publishing books each year.

There are so many platforms, retailers, and of course, authors all fighting for a piece of the ebook market.

Because of this, knowing where to start to get your ebook in front of potential book buyers can be challenging.

The Amazon ebook market

To give some perspective, some years ago, I looked at the total number of ebooks available on Amazon Kindle then.

Here is the result: Approximately 3.4 million.

how many kindle ebooks are there now 2

A year later, it had jumped up to 4.7 million.

how many kindle ebooks are there now

As of writing this post, there are now well over 12 million Kindle ebooks, and the number is rising fast.

Every year, there are at least one million new Kindle ebooks.

To give some additional perspective to this number, Smashwords has an ebook catalog of around 400,000 ebooks.

It’s a number that pales when you compare it to Kindle’s catalog.

If you are publishing a new ebook, what chance do you have?


What chance does your ebook have in a market increasing by a million per year?

Surprisingly, your new ebook stands a good chance if you know what you are doing.

This is because many new authors rush to publish ebooks and don’t know what they are doing.

If you can put a tick next to the following tips, your chances of success will be better than you think, even in such a crowded market.


11 Tips to get your ebook noticed

1. You have written a great book, and you have feedback from independent beta readers to prove that it is a great book.

2. You eliminated grammar and spelling errors because your ebook has been well-edited and meticulously proofread.

3. Your ebook formatting is perfect for publishing, and you have an absolutely fantastic book cover.

4. You have written three different and compelling book descriptions. (Yes, 3! Short, medium, and long for different marketing uses.)

5. You have completed or updated your Amazon Author Central page. Enhance your book descriptions with some HTML to improve your ebook page on Amazon.

6. You have thoroughly researched your seven search keywords and two book categories. You can do your Amazon keyword research for free or use specialized software.

7. You have received some book reviews. Even if you have not received any from buyers, you can add book reviews from other sources using your Amazon Author Central page. (I know it’s a no-no, but if you have no reviews on your ebooks Amazon page, get some friends to help, or as a last resort, buy a couple to get things moving.)

8. You have active social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, and others to help get the word out.

9. Your blog very regularly and keep your readers entertained and informed.

10. You have invested a small amount of money in online book marketing.

11. You published your new ebook using Amazon KDP Select to give your book a kickstart with free ebook promotions. After three months, you will then decide whether to open publish or stick with Amazon only.



You can do many other things to help gain sales traction, but the eleven tips above are the basics.

When you do these well, you stand a good chance of getting your ebook noticed and not being lost in the crowd.

The most crucial point to remember is that so many new authors don’t take the time to get the basics right.

If you prepare your ebook well and pay attention to the small details, you stand a much better chance of selling your book.


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