Tips for Preparing for Microsoft 70–483 Certification Exam

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Microsoft 70–483 Certification Exam is not an easy exam you can easily pass. The questions tested are complex and tricky.

Also, the skill set assessment is tricky too. If you think you are a pro in C# then you should think twice.

The exam’s questions are sometimes tough even the experienced people in C# can fail to get answers.


We had a privilege of talking to John Smith, an expert who has been working as a trainer for the Microsoft 70–483 Certification Exam preparation and below are the steps he had to tell us about how to prepare for Microsoft 70-483 Certification exam. Read on!


Understand what you need to know

All Microsoft certification exams are not easy to tackle. They are tricky and complex. The questions tested can be hard even to those who have many years of experience.

The questions are tricky in that you cannot just guess. It is good to note that even if you spend hours, days, weeks and months studying, during the exam, you will probably get a question that you have never had any material that relates to it.

Thankfully, today, there are good places you can find a lot of questions that you would probably come across during the exam.

Microsoft official website can be your first place to find ideas and sub-ideas of the Microsoft 70-483 certification exam. You must ensure you are well versed with each idea that is highlighted on the site. The exam content is split into 4 main ideas.


Research good study material

Here, you must prepare excellent study material. John Smith advises individuals to find the Microsoft Official Curriculum content.

This MOC is mainly utilized in official Microsoft courses and is developed by professionals in the field and relates to the objectives of the exams.

However, you should not expect the exam questions will be picked directly as the content is, although most of the exam content comes from the MOC course content.

Many times students tend to forget a content only to come and find it tested it in the exam.

Note that you can still use books instead of relying on the Microsoft official course but it is good to ensure the study guide you are using is from a genuine source. The most popular study guides you can use are:

  • Programmers study guide MCSD: Exam:70-483
  • MCSD Certification Toolkit Exam 70-483
  • Exam Ref 70-483 Programming MCSD

Video tutorials

Video tutorials are crucial since they provide an enhanced dimension to understanding that makes the exam experience to be more effective.

Video tutorials provide diverse perceptions and tool that are helpful. Currently, you can access a lot of video tutorial for preparing for the Exam 70-483. Below are some of them.

  • Editor’s playlist: Programming C# Microsoft Exam 70-483
  • Programming in Microsoft C# Exam 70-483
  • C# Exam 70-483 Course
  • Microsoft Virtual Academy

Note down important points

John Smith states that students need to take note of every technical information you come across while you are studying for the exam. Have your pen and a paper with you, however, you can use OneNote.


Technical information is anything that you read that is related to the exam content. Note that, take notes on everything you come across that is related to the exam content does not mean that all will be tested on the exam, but you will probably come across a question that you did not take notes on.

Taking notes makes it easier for the concept to stick in your short-term memory. So it does not matter whether you will revisit your notes after the exam, the content that sticks in your short-term memory will still be there.


Practice code

Practice matters a lot and when it comes to preparing for your Microsoft MCSD 70–483 C# Certification Exam you must ensure to practice, practice and practice.

Practice can be of two different forms. You need to do a technology practice and also an exam practice. Sitting for an exam without prior hands-on code experience will more likely contribute to your failure.

Note down all the code on each topic you study while preparing yourself for the exam. You can use the available places to take your exam practice. Taking the exam practice will equip you with the user experience that you will probably encounter during the exam.


Register the exam

It is good to register the exam earlier in advance so as to set the deadlines and get motivated to do thorough preparations. You can find out from Microsoft’s site how you can register your Microsoft 70-483 Certification exam.


During the exam

Relax and don’t get stressed. When you let stress to overwhelm you, chances are that you will not perform well in the exam, so, relax!

The exam may not be as hard as you may be thinking. Many a time students get stressed to the extent of getting into the exam room in a panic mood.

Read each question carefully and understand. Take your time and don’t rush.

The time estimated for the exam is enough to complete the questions. Ensure to read all the questions without hurrying up and avoid skipping ahead unless the question is tricky or hard.

Note that you have 2 hours for the exam so make sure to manage your time properly. Spend some good amount of time on every question.

If you encounter a question that is tricky that you cannot guess, don’t waste your time, mark it then continue with the other questions; you will review it later. Spending more time on the hard questions can make you run out of time before you can handle other questions.



With all the above information you must be ready to pass the exam given that you had prepared enough prior to the exam. Note that although the exam is hard and comes with tricky questions, others have done it and passed.

Keep positive and stay motivated and you will definitely pass the exam.

Good luck!


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