10 Most Powerful Free And Paid Writing Tools For Bloggers

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Writing Tools For Bloggers

There are so many facets when it comes to writing.

By Lisa Brown

Some believe that it is as simple as putting pen to paper, but there is a lot more preparation that goes into it. Before you even get to the writing part of the work, there are many more details that need to be finalised.

When you are a blogger, you have to think about your writing style as well as what your audience wants from you.

In a perfect world, bloggers could write what they want to, but it is not that simple. If your readers are not interested in what you ate last Sunday, then writing about it really is a waste of time.

Finding an annotated bibliography service might be an easier task. Luckily, we live in a digital world, and it is easier for us to find practical tools. Here are some of the most powerful tools you can use as a writer.


1. Trello


This tool is not only effective for your writing tasks but also in terms of managing your life. With Trello, you can do so much, and this is why it is so popular today.

You are able to manage various projects and break them up into separate sections. Use it to organize all those brilliant ideas you have for a new blog post.

It works in a step by step manner, and you are able to scratch out items on the list as you go along.


2. Scrivener


Combining a project management tool with a writing tool is definitely one a writer would appreciate. Scrivener was created to assist novelists when working on big complicated tasks.

These days it is used by all types of writers and once understood, does wonders.

You put your ideas on virtual cards and then shuffle those cards to help create an outline for your post. This would make a great bibliography builder for students.


3. WordPerfect


Before we had Microsoft Word, this was the tool used by most writers. Even though MS Word has taken over the scene, there is still something special about WordPerfect.

It offers a cleaner interface and comes with everything Word has to offer. If you are considering writing an eBook, you want to look into this tool. It works perfectly for this purpose and any larger projects that you are working on.


4. Paragraphs


As a writer, you have those days when you just want to write and not think about anything else. Distractions are the vice of any writer because it can take hours to get your creative flow back.

This writing interface offers no distractions for those moments when you only want to write. There is a contextual menu for the moments when you want to start editing.


5. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer


Most bloggers know that a headline can make or break you. Knowing what impact your headline will have is important information.

It even has a function to measure your email subjects as well as social media posts. It’s as simple as entering your headline into the box and getting a result. Although this seems like simple text, you will be pleased with the impact it has.


6. Grammarly


If you are looking for a great spelling and grammar checker, you want to go with the one leading the pack. Grammarly has basically taken over since it came onto the scene.

Grammarly picks up more than just common grammar and spelling mistakes. It picks up poor language use and sentences that run on for too long. It is like having your personal editor on hand.


7. BuzzSumo


Ever thought of a topic but weren’t sure how it will work once you write the article? This tool is going to tell you exactly how it will perform.

You just enter the topic into the space created, and BuzzSumo will determine how popular your article will be based on the topic provided. An APA annotated bibliography generator has a lot of functions, but this tool can make a blogger’s life so much easier.


8. Portent Title Maker


There are those moments when you do not have a title in mind, but you have an idea of what you want to write about. This title generator does not just randomly come up with a title that has no significance.

You can enter your subject matter into the tool, and the title will be generated based on the best results. This takes a lot of thinking out of it for the writer.


9. Egg Timer


As writers, we can often get so consumed in one area of work that we lose track of time. Sometimes we need a little reminder to tell us that it is time to move on.

With this time, you can set it to take however long on one area of focus. Perhaps you need an hour to research and 45 minutes to write.

You can work in a brainstorming or outline section and set a timer for this as well. It is all about staying on track to complete the task on time.


10. Meme Generator


Sometimes you just need a good meme to pull an entire post together.

A meme also allows you to communicate your sense of humor or your intellectual and creative side. Have a little fun with your blog and try out this meme generator.


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Lisa BrownLisa Brown works as a content manager. She is specialized in writing useful articles for writers, students and people who want to improve their writing skills. Her hobby is reading, travelling and blogging. Lisa`s life motto is “Never stop learning because life never stops teaching”.


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    Huge help. Thank you. I’m use to feeling overwhelmed. These tools will help.


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