Go Organic! How To Get Indexed Fast On Google Search

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How To Get Indexed Fast On Google SearchNo not tomatoes, organic search engine listings.

It is easy to forget about the most powerful tool for potential readers to find you, with all the social media platforms available now.

However, social media can take hours a day to post, maintain, answer, follow, friend and it can waste a lot of time for a modest result.

By far the most time and cost effective method of gaining attention for yourself as an author is being listed and discoverable on Google Search.

This is called organic search. Once you are indexed by Google, there is nothing more to do other than profit from the traffic it will deliver to you.


But how do you get indexed in search engines?

While a traditional website will end up being indexed by Google after some time, it will only index some of your static pages at best.

The best way by far to achieve listing results on Google Search and therefore be more discoverable is to have a blog and to post regularly. Blog posts are far more likely to be indexed than static web pages.

To help the organic things on a little, it is very important to have a Google+ account. Share every one of your blog posts on Google+ as this will encourage Google to index each one of your posts that you share on Google+.

Even though Google+ is not the most popular platform, Google DOES index posts that you share on there. This makes Google+ very important indeed for gaining organic search traffic.

Google says this about the appearance of an author image in search results. “Google will only show your author portrait in search results when we think it will be useful to the user.” I am not sure what this means exactly, but I do see my Google+ image appearing regularly alongside search results, as the image below shows.

Google Image for organic search listings

When you start sharing your blog posts to Google+, after a while you will see what a difference it makes to your Google Search listing. Not only are you indexed, but your author image from Google+ is now attached to your search results for your blog.

Here is a screen grab of what it looks like. You can see the two Google+listings among my regular indexed page listings.

Google organic search results

Helpful Hint: To check Google or any other search engine such as Bing or Yahoo for your current indexed links, do a search with ‘site:‘ preceding your website address. eg: site:mywebsite.com and making sure you leave no space between the semi-colon and your site URL.


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