How To Promote A Book On Social Media The Easy Way

How To Promote A Book On Social Media

When it comes time to promote a book, social media is the obvious answer.

Most authors and publishers only have a small number of followers on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. This limits the potential to promote a book on social media. Successful book promotion needs a large social media footprint.

Posting too often to only a few hundred or even a few thousand connections will have a negative impact. Blasting your followers with buy my book messages after your book launch doesn’t work and won’t help you sell more books.

You need to use your social media connections to build your author reputation. But if you are too aggressive, it can have a negative impact. You should use social media to attract interest in your blog posts and you as an author.

It is a good idea to start new, separate social media accounts for book marketing. You can have multiple Twitter accounts and Facebook pages to expand your reach.

But building new social media accounts to make your books discoverable takes a long time. It could take months or years to get enough followers to be worthwhile.


But there is an easier way to promote your book on social media.

You should always be working on building your social media footprint. But the easiest way to get your book out to potential readers is to submit your book to a book promotion service.

There are many book promotion sites online. They range in price from free to very expensive, and from narrow to broad promotion.

Are looking for online book promotion that will send your book out regularly to a very large social media audience?

Do you want a permanent book promotion sale page?  You don’t want to spend a lot of money? Then our sister site, Whizbuzz Books should be one book promotion service you could consider.


So what book promotion do you get with Whizbuzz Books?

Quite a lot. Here’s a quick rundown of the features on Whizbuzz Books.


The Whizbuzz book page

Your book sales page on Whizbuzz Books is the starting point of your book promotion. On the sample page below, there is a range of book promotion features for site visitors, and essentially, also for search engines.

1. Title and Author are an H1 heading which helps SEO.
2. Title above the description is an H3 heading, again for good SEO.
3. The book cover is a direct clickable link to the book’s buy page on Amazon.
4. The book description can be as long as you wish.
5. Social media and book buy links are included after your book description.
6. Every new page visitor is shown 12 different, random titles, which helps cross-promote your book on other book pages.
7. Most popular books are calculated automatically by the number of page views over a rolling 30 day period.
8. Author names, which link to author’s websites, blogs or Author Central are randomly selected for each new page view.
9. Up to two genres are noted below each book.
10. Pages are easily shared on social media with prominent share buttons.
11. Every book stays on Whizbuzz Books permanently unless a book is removed from sale.
12. Every book page uses SEO best practices with an SEO title, description and image alt tags to help search engine listing.

Whizbzz book promotion page

What about social media book promotion?

Whizbuzz Books has many large social media accounts which it uses to promote books on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Tumblr, WordPress, Goodreads and Pinterest.

On the day a book is added, Whizbuzz Books promotes it to over 550,000 social media connections on all of our 14 different sharing accounts.

It’s easy to track these postings on the Whizbuzz BUZZ page to see these postings in almost real time.

After the first round of social media posts, a book is promoted on a regular basis for one year on three Twitter accounts, Facebook and Linkedin, totalling around 325,000 connections.

There are three different social media posting formats and schedules.

To get the best traction and attention for books, Whizbuzz Books uses three different forms of social media posting. This is due to the different ways that social media services handle images.

Unfortunately, most social media platforms use landscape and square images, which are not suited to a portrait book cover. However, landscape images are almost always clickable, which means people don’t have to hunt for the URL link.

Another problem is that images are treated differently, depending on what device is used to view a post. So while a desktop user will see a full image, a phone or tablet user will see a cropped landscape image.

To get the best results possible despite these restrictions, social media posts by Whizbuzz are made in three formats.


Whizbuzz on Twitter

On Twitter, the main Whizbuzz Twitter account posts books with a full cover image, and a clickable link, as in the example post below.

whizbuzz twitter acct

A desktop user will always see the full cover, but it may be cropped for mobile users.

The Whizbuzz Twitter account posts all books eligible for reposting throughout the day.


Whizbuzz on Indie Books

The Indie Books account posts in full as well on a regular schedule every day.

indie twitter


Whizbuzz on Just Publishing

On the Just Publishing Twitter account, books are promoted using a truncated image. However, this type of image tweet has the big advantage of being clickable on the image, so there is no need for a user to find a link to click.

jpa twitter

These posts are made on a slightly different schedule of every one hour and 15 minutes. The reason is that this reduces the chance of duplication on Twitter with the Whizbuzz Twitter account. In other words, social media users will see a better selection of books. With this schedule, an eligible book will be posted about every 10-12 days.


Whizbuzz on Facebook

On Facebook, Whizbuzz book posts are again, image clickable for better click conversions.

whizbuzz facebook

Posts on the Whizbuzz Facebook page are made every hour, so all books eligible for reposting will re-appear every 8-10 days or so.


How often will a book be seen on social media?

With the combination of the three re-posting accounts, an individual book will be seen on social media approximately every 4-5 days to a very sizeable audience.

Cross-Promotion of books is key on social media

Aside from your book being promoted on social media, Whizbuzz Books uses cross-promotion to gain extra attention for books. So when a social media post is clicked, it will lead a visitor to the book page, but they will also see 12 extra books, plus the most popular titles on the book page.

As well as this, the page menu will give a visitor the option to see more books by selecting their preferred genre, or a quick 100 book selection.

What’s the BUZZ?

On top of the social media posting and cross-promotion tools, Whizbuzz Books has a dedicated social media page where visitors can see all books that are being promoted on the primary social media channels in close to real time.

It is also an infinite scroll page, so social media book posts can be seen for past days, weeks or even months.

Whizbuzz Books BUZZ Page

Whizbuzz Books is a feature-rich book promotion service that will promote your book to a large audience, but at the same time, make a visit by a potential book buyer a pleasurable experience.

For more information about Whizbuzz Books, you can check the extensive FAQ page.

The last word on how to promote a book on social media

You should always be building your online presence on social media to help improve your author reputation and book promotion.

However, when it comes to accessing a very large audience, using a book marketing service, such as Whizbuzz Books makes a lot of sense.

If you don’t have time to burn, submitting a book to Whizbuzz Books is quick and easy, and very economical.

If you count your time as money, then it is a cost-effective way of promoting your book continually on social media. Then you can get on with more important things like writing your next book and spending more time with your family.


Whizbuzz Books is an approved partner member and vetted service provider of the Alliance of Independent Authors

ALLi partner-member


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Derek Haines

Derek Haines is an Australian author, living in Switzerland.

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    I really want to promote my five books. I don’t know your services and prices. Would love to know.

  • November 8, 2017 at 8:51 pm

    Thank you. Most informative. I just want to continue writing and selling…I’m as technically minded as a toad on a lily-pad. Best sales and earnings were way back in 1984/5. No contest! Yours truly, Joy Lennick.


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