How To Use Whizbuzz Books To Promote Your Books

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Whizbuzz Books has helped authors promote books since 2010.

Regular readers of Just Publishing Advice may be familiar with Whizbuzz.

The two websites serve a unique purpose.

One is for free publishing, writing, blogging, SEO, and marketing advice. The other is for online book promotion.

What Does Whizbuzz Books Do?

For authors who might be considering online book promotion sites, this article will outline how to use Whizbuzz Books to extend your book marketing reach.

Books and ebooks are now very much purchased online.

Because of this fact, Whizbuzz Books specializes in social media, on-site, and SEO-based book promotion to help you in marketing your book.

Social media promotion is essential in today’s market.

The Whizbuzz Books follower count is always growing on its numerous social network accounts.

On-site, Whizbuzz uses cross-promotion via More Great Reads, Popular Books, and genre groupings to increase exposure for listed books and provide an enjoyable user experience.

Importantly, the site is highly optimized for a potential reader who uses a smartphone or tablet.

SEO is unseen by site visitors. But it is a vital element in attracting Google search and organic traffic.

For this reason, SEO attributes are written to gain the best possible search engine indexing and then added individually to every book page.

Social media promotion is often assumed to be the primary form of book promotion nowadays.

Yes, it is a priority, but posts have quite short-term visibility. During the one year of online promotion, Whizbuzz posts every book on a regular and recurring basis to maximize exposure.

On the other hand, a web page is for the long term. All book pages on Whizbuzz remain indefinitely on the site and continue to attract traffic, even years after posting.

Whizbuzz Books offers a set and forget book marketing service. So yes, if you want it to do all the work for you, it will.

But there are several on-site tools that authors can use to take their book promotion a step further and make the most of their year of promotion.

Let’s look at some of the Whizbuzz Books features in more detail and how you can use them to improve your book exposure.


Tracking the Buzz

Whizbuzz is active on more networks than any other book promotion service. It is active on Twitter, Facebook, Flipboard, Linkedin, WordPress, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Goodreads and is constantly looking for new opportunities and networks to help authors.

When we introduce a new service, it will appear in the site header’s social media links.

But social media is so fast-paced that posts and shares are not easy to find. The search tools on Twitter and Facebook, in particular, are limited and difficult to use effectively.

This was an issue that became frustrating for some Whizbuzz Books authors.

They knew their book had been posted somewhere, but couldn’t find the post when they wanted to share, retweet, or view activity.

We solved this problem with a little bit of smart technology.

On the site, a dedicated page and a sub-page for retweets collect most social media posts by Whizbuzz, and they can be viewed in almost real-time.

The BUZZ page uses a ‘load more’ function to scroll back in time so that you can view days or weeks of consolidated posts on each social network.

The Whizbuzz BUZZ Page


How To Use It!

The Buzz page makes it easy for authors to find their book posts on social media and interact by replying, sharing, retweeting, commenting, or liking.

When you retweet, you can add your own hashtags to personalize your post.

Another excellent use for these pages is to connect with more people and potential book buyers. Each entry has user activity icons, so you can trace new users to follow or interact with.

Interaction is often an overlooked part of book promotion.

By liking, commenting, retweeting, or even sharing other books, people will see this in their notifications and possibly connect with you.

It is a quick and easy way to build your author platform and social media reach.

In fact, this applies to all promotions on social media. Interacting with shares, likes, retweets, and comments will help grow your social media network.

Whizbuzz gives authors a vast resource of users to do exactly that. Connect and build an author platform.

How to make your book popular

The Popular Book widget on the site is a powerful tool because it appears on almost every page when readers visit our website.

popular books

For a book to be showcased in this section, it needs to be within its one year of promotion and gain enough page views over a rolling 30-day period to rank high enough to be in the top twenty viewed books.


How To Use It!

Because book popularity is calculated on page views, you should encourage people to visit your book page. You can do this by sharing your page regularly on your own social media accounts. There are sharing buttons on your book page to make this very easy.

Adding a link from your Whizbuzz book page to your blog sidebar or at the end of your posts is also an easy way to get more page views.

You can add a link to your Facebook page, Goodreads, and other social media profiles as well to help you find people to read your book.

Another way is to include a link in your email signature. How many emails do you send out every day?

You don’t need to spend a lot of time to increase your book’s visibility.

All you need to do is give people easy ways to view your book on Whizbuzz Books.

Keep your Whizbuzz Books page up to date

a whizbuzz book page

A lot can change in a year. You might decide to change your book cover or write a revised book description.

Even after your year of online promotion, you can still ask to update your book information.


How To Use It!

Whizbuzz Books allows authors to update the information on their book page.

There is no extra charge. It’s a free service.

So if you change your book details, use the site contact form to ask for a revision, or an update to your cover, book blurb, genre listing, social media links, or book buy link.

Stay connected to your book promotion


Whizbuzz Books is very active on social media. Because of this, there is a lot of external user activity, such as social shares, likes, retweets, comments, and shares. That is a LOT of activity. How can you keep up with it all?


How To Use It!

There is no way you can follow every interaction on social media.

But you can keep your finger on the pulse for your book promotion by taking a few simple steps.

Follow all of the Whizbuzz social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Flipboard, Tumblr, Linkedin, WordPress, Goodreads, and Pinterest. Yes, there are a lot of them.

Next, turn on your notifications.

Check your settings to make sure you are not muting or blocking users.

Don’t be a slave to all your notifications, but you can quickly scan through them once a day. If you notice a comment or share about your book, you can say thank you or like a comment.

It’s yet another way to expand your reach by connecting with people.

Wrapping it up

One of the early objectives of Whizbuzz was to give new authors access to an extensive online community of readers, book bloggers, book reviewers, and publishers.

It is very common for authors to publish a book well before building a sizable online author platform.

The concept of offering one year of book promotion was initially developed to help solve this problem.

It not only gives an author instant exposure, but it also allows them the time to build their own author platform and online reach.

The tips highlighted in this article are all given to achieve this aim when you submit your book.

Whizbuzz Books can do a lot to help authors promote their books in set and forget mode.

But with a little time and effort, authors can also do a lot to help themselves and their books with the tools the site offers.

Good luck with your next book!

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