No One Buys Books Or Ebooks On Friday

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No One Buy Books Or Ebooks On Friday

Is Friday a blackout day for ebook and book buyers?

I have absolutely no definitive data with regard to the habits of Friday book buyers.

This is because I am totally hopeless at working at collecting data and using Excel files. However, I can say that I check my book sales from time to time, and from what I see, Fridays for me are always devoid of anything resembling a book sale.

If it had only been for a few months I wouldn’t bother commenting on this phenomenon, but after years and years of watching my book sales, I can say without a doubt that Fridays are the one day of the week when book sales are a genuine surprise.

This is probably because Fridays are busy days for most folks, with meetings, deadlines, weekend plans to organise and after work drinks to enjoy. Maybe it’s also the one day of the week for dinner out with the family.

For whatever reason though, it might be worth considering how you market your books and ebooks, and perhaps giving Fridays a big miss for book promotions. Especially about wasting valuable Kindle free ebook day promotions or your money on KDP and Facebook PPC advertising.

If people are too busy with a Friday deadline panic at work, after work drinks with work colleagues, followed by enjoying a Friday night meal with the family at a restaurant, then buying books is probably the furthermost thing from their mind.

If I need any further proof of my theory, all I have to do is check my book sales on a Saturday morning,

It always makes for very sad reading.


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Derek Haines is an Australian author, living in Switzerland.

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