Should You Be A Social Media Attention Grabber?

Attention Grabbing

Twitter has always been a social media attention grabber and not so much about connecting users.

In an interesting development, Twitter changed its listing category in the iTunes App Store from Social Networking to News.

The change worked, as Twitter is now the number one news app on Apple.

While this change might seem insignificant, it is proof that Twitter is no longer (or has it ever been?) a social networking platform.

Social media marketing is in

TechConnect published an article saying that Social Networking Is Over.

In fact, what the article highlights is that the networking side of social media, which means community building, is diminishing rapidly.

It’s only on Facebook, where family and friends groupings are still dominant.

But even then, Facebook is a continual stream of paid advertising and content that is unrelated to friends and family.

Most social media platforms are now either messaging or news platforms, or both.

As messaging is, by definition, one to one, there is no concept of networking.

News usually blasts out to anyone and every one by thousands of websites and newspapers.


Social networking and attention-grabbing for self-publishers.

Where does this leave self-publishing authors, who have believed that social networking and social media have been the go-to marketing platforms?

Perhaps the best approach is to forget all about networking as a means to connect with new readers.

Instead, focus on becoming a social media attention grabber and disseminator of interesting, informative, or entertaining information and news.

If Twitter has redefined itself as news, maybe it’s worth following its lead.

In my experience over the last couple of years, the amount of time I spend communicating with other users on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and all the rest have fallen away to next to nothing.

Nowadays, merely clicking a like button is sufficient to be counted as an interaction.

So if that’s all there is to social media, why bother trying to build a network?

Write a blog post or create content that you can post on social media, and then blast it out everywhere you can.


Do you have your billboard installed?

For a long while now, I’ve had the feeling that social networking and social media platforms are similar to highways with billboards lining both sides.

They serve the simple function of grabbing your attention for only a few seconds.

However, seen often enough, billboards are an effective means of marketing and have been with us since the year dot. So evidently, they must work.

Taking a cue from my billboard theory, it might be that social media platforms should now be considered as the highways we need to line with our online billboards to grab the attention of potential book buyers.

Grabbing social media attention is only for a few seconds. Then rinse and repeat so they people it again, next time they are on the social media highway.

And after all, hasn’t the Internet always been just one big advertising platform?


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Derek Haines

A Cambridge CELTA English teacher and author with a passion for writing and all forms of publishing. My days are spent teaching English and writing, as well as testing and taming new technology.

One thought on “Should You Be A Social Media Attention Grabber?

  • December 29, 2016 at 4:25 am

    Does this mean it’s now OK to shout “Buy my book!”? No more of that “create engagement” stuff?


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