Using Content Storytelling To Help Sell More Books

Using Content Storytelling To Sell Books

By Lisa Brown

Storytelling marketing is the perfect book promotion tool for authors.

Storytelling can be a great way to market your products, and it works especially well when those products are books. Even though this concept has been around for a while, it is not something that many are familiar with.

It is a technical way of marketing, and if done incorrectly, it can damage the brand you are trying to promote. Marketers are not used to fiction writing, and it can be a challenging new venture.


However, as a writer, it might be easier to use storytelling to sell your books. Here are some of the best writing tips if you are ready to explore this concept.


Know your goal

Of course, it might be easy to say that you aim to sell more of your books, but it needs to go deeper than that.

What do you want the readers to feel when they read your story? After reading the story, what should the reader do?

Is there an actionable step after your story or do you leave that choice up to the book buyer?

Your goal should focus on your potential customers and not purely on the end result. Once you can define your goal that is a benefit to your audience, you stand a better chance of making an impact and selling more books.


Have a strategy

Doing anything without a strategy might not give you desirable results. Plan what to say next and do not rush the process. Think of this as one of the chapters in your book.

I am sure you gave it a lot of thought and time because it was part of a larger plan.

The same should be applied to storytelling to build a brand. Think about the bigger picture and how you intend to get your readers to that point.

You want to be delicate with conveying your message, but you also want to be persistent until you win. All of this needs to be written down as a strategy if you want it to be a success.


Engaging characters

When it comes to storytelling, your characters are going to either connect with the readers or not. The same applies to any fiction novel and thus needs to be applied to this concept.

You do not have to add the typical brand mascot in your story, but let your characters match the audience you are trying to reach. A great way to do this is to think of your buyers.

Create personalities like theirs and include these in your storytelling. They will be able to relate to your characters more intensely if it reminds them of themselves.


If you find that your characters are not represented in the way you would like, use a rephrase sentence online tool. It is very efficient in these cases.


Be honest

Storytelling to sell a book is not a sales pitch. It should be a true reflection of what the consumer can find when purchasing an item.

Even though you are telling a story of a fictional nature, it needs to be seen as a possibility by readers.

The scenarios that you create through your story should be believable and achievable, so be as authentic about your brand as you can.

A rephrasing website is highly recommended when it comes to storytelling because sometimes you might know what to say, but not how to say it.


Be patient

One story is not going to give you overnight fame, but you can achieve it in time. The idea behind storytelling is to engrain your brand into the minds of your readers, without coming on too strong.

Although this is part of your marketing campaign, forget about the results for a second. Enjoy the process and let everything else fall into place at the right time.

Once you create that connection with your readers, you are going be able to establish connections.

Every relationship takes time, and building trust takes even longer, but it is worth it in the end. Continue to do your storytelling, and you will soon find loyal readers and great customers.



Just because this is not part of your book, does not mean that the quality of your writing should not be incredible.

If your writing is not up to scratch, what makes you think that the readers will invest in your book?

You can rephrase online and use a grammar checker to make sure everything has some flow to it.

There are no shortcuts, and you are going to have to give this as much attention as you did the book you are trying to sell.

In fact, this is a very good way to prove that you are a great writer, who can convince consumers to purchase your book.

Proofread and edit your story, just like you did with your book. See this as part of your writing career, and you will be in for the win.


Be original

You want to be remembered after your story is done and one way to do that is to be original. Before you wrote your book, I am sure you had a ton of ideas, but you decided on one concept.

The same applies to your storytelling session. You want to be authentic and memorable. Think of a way to communicate your story that has never been done before.

A great way to be original is to simply be you. There is no one like you out there, so by being yourself and writing in your own voice, you are already original.



If you have not yet tried the concept of storytelling to promote your book, I highly suggest that you give it a go.

Many companies are doing it to sell their products and services.


It works just as well for authors and writers.

In fact, anything that you want to promote and sell can be successfully done through storytelling. It’s just a matter of engaging your audience, writing good content and making a connection.

It is not an easy or fast process, but the results might surprise you, so give it a try.


Lisa BrownLisa Brown works as a content manager. She is specialized in writing useful articles for writers, students and people who want to improve their writing skills. Her hobby is reading, travelling and blogging. Lisa`s life motto is “Never stop learning because life never stops teaching”.

3 thoughts on “Using Content Storytelling To Help Sell More Books

  • September 28, 2017 at 7:23 pm

    Good post,. Maybe I’m a bit slow, but what do you mean by storytelling to sell my book(s)? I write YA paranormal romance and fantasy. How would I use storytelling to sell them? Can you please give an example?

    • September 28, 2017 at 8:11 pm

      Hi Rebekkah. Storytelling is a content marketing term for writing blog posts or articles that tell a story. Opposed to a report style post that often includes a list of bullet points.

      • October 4, 2017 at 1:22 am

        Ooh. Okay. Thank you. I learned something new today. :)


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